Extinct & Endangered: Insects in Peril
Art Direction: Catharine Weese | Graphics: Nicole Fox | Exhibition design: Nicole Fox

I worked as the lead designer on Extinct & Endangered: Insects in Peril, an exhibit which debuts 40 new large-format photographs of by Levon Biss. His subjects - insect specimens from the collections of the American Museum of Natural History - were selected for their perilous conservation status, and as emblems of the disappearance of insects worldwide. 
As the global debut of this body of work, this project required extensive proofing, testing, and coordination between stakeholders. I served as the bridge between the artist and print vendor, handling press ready file setup, proof approval, and final delivery.
I also developed the layout and visual identity of the show, testing paint colors, evaluating lighting conditions, and designing the show's captions and wall text. I  directed the installation of the images and the vinyl treatments, communicating with vendors to ensure accurate color matches, durability and readability.
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