editorial design | art direction 
This American Life's Testosterone podcast explores the way a single chemical can radically alter everything about our personalities and identities.  I was fascinated by this play between our interior biology and our exterior personas, and sought to use the form of the book to express this.  
The book uses a sandwiched french fold, with printed photomicrographs of the testosterone crystal on the interior leafs, and the text of the podcast on the exterior.  Printing on semi-transparent vellum produced an effect such that the type hovers slightly above the image printed behind it, which shifts in visibility as light passes through it. Trapping the colorful, often beautiful imagery of the testosterone crystal inside an outer layer evoked the frustrated sensation of being unable to comprehend the inner lives of the people around us, which is a central theme of the podcast. 
The typography takes inspiration from the clinical voice of medical documents, while the imagery is sourced from musculature illustrations, muscularity being a strong corollary to testosterone levels. 
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